Prescient Therapeutics

3:15 PM - 3:30 PM (PDT), Tuesday, June 14, 2022
Prescient Therapeutics is a clinical stage oncology company developing personalised medicine approaches to cancer, including targeted and cellular therapies.

OmniCAR is a novel, covalent, Universal Immune Receptor (UIR) platform technology that overcomes many of the current shortcomings of CAR therapies. OmniCAR enables the post-infusion ability to turn On or OFF CAR activity, dose titratable CAR-Activity for safety/efficacy, in-vivo antigen target re-direction, and ability to multi-arm immune cells.

PTX-100 is a first in class inhibitor of the Ras pathway. Specifically, it inhibits GGT-1, thereby inactivating Rho, Rac and Ral resulting in apoptosis of cancer cells.

PTX-200 is a PH domain inhibitor that inhibits, inter alia, the tumor survival pathway Akt. Its novel MoA overcomes the limitations of other Akt inhibition attempts.
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OmniCAR AML (CD33/CLL-1)
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