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Tessara Therapeutics (Melbourne, Australia) has the mission to protect, restore and rebuild the brain. Tessara manufactures RealBrain® mimetic human neural tissue with unique technology pushing the limits of approximation to actual human brain tissue in a dish. Tessara is converging innovation in neuroscience, biomaterials, industrial automation, artificial intelligence, and data analytics to commercialise their RealBrain® technology along two parallel pathways:

• Drug Discovery Platform (the only biologically true brain models that are suitable for high-throughput, high-content, industrial-scale analysis)
• Regenerative Medicine Platform (a world-first tissue replacement therapy for neurodegenerative and other neurological diseases)

The Company seeks Series A investors to help accelerate the development of the RealBrain® drug screening platform, position their game-changing models for market launch in 2023, and develop the regenerative medicine applications for eventual spinout
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Privately Funded Company
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RealBrain® drug screening models (ArtiBrain™ model and ADBrain™ model)
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