11:30 AM - 11:45 AM (PDT), Tuesday, June 14, 2022
Aptys pharma, specialized in the design of formulations develops innovative products for its own account through its branch Aptys pharmaceuticals and for its clients through its branch Aptys pharmaservices. Loramyc® and Testocream® are based on Aptys pharma technologies. Metapain®, a combination of two analgesics codeveloped with Unither pharmaceuticals is currently in phase III. Aptys pharmaservices includes one design laboratory equipped to carried out preformulation and innovative formulation design, and a GMP laboratory specialized in analytical development, quality control and ICH stability studies.
Aptys helps its clients to go the GMP product. Our clients come to us because we can solve formulation problems and make from a bright idea an industrial reality because our team is made of flexible and open mind scientists.
At the end Aptys can deliver a ready-to-use package: formula + recipe + validated analytical methods + stability data.
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