SiVEC Biotechnologies

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (PDT), Tuesday, June 14, 2022
SiVEC Biotechnologies has a novel drug delivery platform that uses carefully engineered bacteria designed to produce and deliver nucleic acid and gene editing payloads anywhere in the body. As indicated by the explosion in nucleic acid and gene therapies in the last 20 years, the rapid growth of the drug delivery market expected to reach $310 billion by 2025, and the astonishing success of the COVID mRNA-vaccines, nucleic acids have remarkable potential as therapeutic candidates. However, most development efforts stall during early preclinical development. A major bottleneck underlying these failures is the lack of safe and tissue-targeted delivery, creating a large unmet need for delivery systems that enable the full potential of these next-generation therapies. SiVEC’s delivery platform is set to meet these needs head on. Our specialized bacteria are engineered to deliver therapeutic payloads safely and precisely to a wide range of tissues that cannot be targeted by viral vectors and lipid nanoparticles. SiVEC’s platform combines an efficient drug manufacturing system with an ideal delivery vehicle, offering to transform the biologics industry through increased speed, mass-market scale, and exponentially lower costs than current approaches. SiVEC’s mission is to enable the next generation of nucleic acid and gene therapies.
CEO & Co-founder
SiVEC Biotechnologies