Pathogenomix Inc.

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (PDT), Thursday, June 16, 2022
Pathogenomix Inc. provides NGS detection of all clinically relevant bacteria from a single test. Pathogenomix was awarded a Breakthrough Device Designation by FDA for its direct from whole-blood and CSF bacterial identification platform, supported by the data generated through our development partnership with Mayo Clinic. Skip the wait time for culture and get direct sepsis and meningitis ID. With over 400,000 samples processed as the bioanalytical backend to the top reference-labs in the US and Europe, Pathogenomix is the leading provider of NGS pathogen detection in the world.

50% of all inpatient bacterial infections never have the culprit pathogen identified, because current point-of-care tests specialize in a handful of the most common infections but miss the hundreds of others that make up the rest of cases. Pathogenomix can test against all (hundreds) of FDA clinically relevant pathogens at once with results in a day from patient sample collection. Covid and falling NGS capital costs have penetrated sequencers into the hospital microbiology labs across the US. Our mission is to lead the untapped point-of-care NGS microbial diagnostics market, as the first FDA approved platform for the broad-based NGS identification of bacteria.
Executive Chairman