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MBQ Pharma is developing MBQ-167, the first successful inhibitor Rac/CDC42 activation. MBQ-167 removes pre-existing metastases in mouse models of human breast cancer. MBQ-167 has been shown to be safe through the full IND GLP nonclinical safety rat and dog 28-day repeat-dose studies, genotoxicity, and safety pharmacology testing. The IND package for MBQ-167 was submitted to the FDA in April 2022. Funding for preclinical development of MBQ-167 was made possible by a $3M seed round from Puerto Rican private investors. Funding for the Phase 1A maximum tolerated dose determination monotherapy study will require $5M; funding for a POC Phase 1B efficacy study with both monotherapy and a paclitaxel combo in 30 advanced metastatic cancer patients will require an additional $5M. MBQ Pharma is seeking a Series "A" investment of $10M to support Phases 1A and 1B in the clinical development of MBQ-167.
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Privately Funded Company
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Puerto Rico
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United States
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