Moleculera Labs

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PDT), Thursday, June 16, 2022
Moleculera Labs is a precision medicine company founded to medically understand and clinically identify the biological root of neurologic, psychiatric, and behavioral disorders. Research evidence demonstrates that a large portion of neuropsychiatric disorders are caused by an autoimmune dysfunction.
Moleculera operates a fully accredited clinical laboratory performing a blood test called the Cunningham Panel™ that detects five brain and nervous system autoimmune antibodies in patients with neurologic, psychiatric, and behavioral disorders. Patients can be diagnosed with a myriad of clinical disorders which are typically prescribed neuropsychiatric drugs, often resulting in little or no improvement. However, once a patient is correctly diagnosed through testing, treatment is directed towards the immune system, neuroinflammation, and subclinical infections, resulting in amazing recoveries, sometimes after decades of suffering.
Moleculera is the sole clinical laboratory performing this panel covered by two U.S. patents. The Company has processed over 13,000 blood specimens ordered by over 1,700 physicians in over 50 countries, all prior to launching a sales force. The Company generated $1.1 MM in 2021 and is preparing to scale for revenue expansion with expectations of revenue ~$25 MM in 4-5 years. The company is now applying this technology to autoimmune cardiovascular disease and Long-COVID symptoms.