3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (PDT), Wednesday, June 15, 2022
Vcreate is developing the next generation of T-cell therapies for cancers that are currently untreatable by chemotherapies. T-cell receptors guide T-cells to target and eliminate mutated cells like cancer. Vcreate’s screening assays and machine learning algorithms identify T-cell receptors that target cancer mutations 100x faster than existing methods. Today it takes years and costs millions of dollars to identify clinically relevant T-cell receptors; Vcreate aims to shorten this discovery process from years to weeks. Vcreate is currently developing therapeutic candidates for pancreatic, colon, and lung cancers caused by KRAS mutations.

. Our key technology, Shadow-tag, is a novel screening assay that identifies pairs of interacting antigens and TCRs at large scale and low cost. Conventional immunology assays either screen many TCR sequences against a few antigens, or many antigen sequences against a few TCRs. In contrast, our screening assay is capable of screening many TCRs against many antigens (~10^5 TCRs vs 10^4 antigens in a single experiment).