Innovation and Access: What COVID-19 Therapeutics Can Teach Us About Preparing for the Next Pandemic

3:30 PM - 4:30 PM (PDT), Monday, June 13, 2022

As we begin to enter an endemic phase of COVID-19, we are reflecting on the triumphs, challenges and lessons learned from efforts to combat the virus and the potential role for therapeutics in the evolving pandemic response.. After the virus was identified, players across the scientific and global health communities mobilized quickly to develop therapeutic solutions to reduce hospitalization and mortality. Researchers identified and screened a wide variety of potential treatments faster than ever before and proceeded to evaluate their efficacy in scientifically meaningful clinical trials. 

As we look ahead, how will these therapeutics change how public health programs address the pandemic through Test and Treat strategies and how might emerging data from ongoing post-exposure prophylaxis studies with household contacts impact the way we use them?  Companies urgently scaled up manufacturing capacity and looked beyond business-as-usual to pave the way for equitable global distribution if and when these medicines proved effective.  What will the challenges be to scale up their use in the next phase of the pandemic?

This panel will discuss how these therapeutics are making a difference in the current pandemic, their potential role in the endemic phase, and what we should be doing now to enable future pandemic preparedness.


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