Getting It Right: How Early Engagements with CDMOs Add Value to Small Biotechs

4:15 PM - 5:15 PM (PDT), Wednesday, June 15, 2022 ・ Upper Level, Session Room 1B

Marwood Group estimates that there are more than 500 CDMOs globally and with more 45 large pharma and big biotech in the $10B+ Market Cap range, many emerging biotechs see themselves as small fish in a big pond when considering CDMO partners.  With the goal of getting life-changing medicines to patients in a timely, continuous fashion hovering in the background, early engagements with CDMOs can realize company goals faster but many biotechs lack the internal resources and/or expertise to identify the right partner.  This panel will highlight success stories and provide an in-depth review of questions to ask and what to look for, including the critical capabilities and an evaluation of CDMOs knowledge, when searching for a CDMO.

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