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Theranexus focuses on the discovery and the development of innovative medicines to tackle rare neurological disorders. Our team pioneers the field of neuron / glia interactions and how those may have an impact on brain health and disease. Our pipeline includes a first clinical stage asset, Batten-1, an exclusive formulation of miglustat co-developed with Beyond Batten Disease Foundation and aiming at dramatically slowing down the progression of juvenile Batten disease (JNCL or CLN3). JNCL is an ultra-rare neurodegenerative disorder of childhood that is always fatal and for which there is no treatment. On top of this flagship project, Theranexus operates a unique discovery platform named NeuroLead and relying on the use of gene edited iPSC derived neuron and glia co-cultures to model a variety of inherited rare neurological disorders. This platform is flexible and allow for fast and effective modeling of such CNS disease adapted to the screening of both ASO and small molecules.
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