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BIORCHESTRA is a novel RNA-based therapeutics company focusing on neurodegenerative and rare genetic diseases. Through novel target discovery, the company has discovered a pathogenic microRNA that is abnormally overexpressed in Alzheimer’s disease patients. Therefore, BIORCHESTRA’s lead pipeline in Alzheimer’s disease, BMD-001, is an antisense oligonucleotide targeting this pathogenic microRNA encapsulated in a novel proprietary PEG polymer-based drug delivery system (BDDS) to enhance BBB penetration. This pipeline is being expanded to ALS, Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease and hopes to create a paradigm shift from symptom-relief to disease-modifying therapies in neurodegenerative diseases. The company also has an Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis kit, miRStra® that is being investigated in clinical trials in South Korea.
In addition to early screening, miRStra® is planned to be utilized in patient selection and monitoring of treatment effect for the biomarker-driven clinical trials.
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Privately Funded Company
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Korea - South Korea
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BMD-001, BDDS, miRStra®