Rapid Screening of Bioavailability Enhancing Technologies to Accelerate Time to Clinic

1:05 PM - 1:25 PM (PDT), Wednesday, June 15, 2022

There is increasing pressure to improve the productivity and efficiency of the drug development process. This often translates to accelerating formulation development timelines with limited data or material. However, there are API sparing analytical tools available that can help with the assessment of physicochemical properties of the API that can guide the selection of formulation approaches to mitigate various oral bioavailability liabilities of the drug. Technologies such as amorphous solid dispersions, lipid formulations, and particle size reduction can be powerful tools when employed early in the development stages.  A scientific expert from Catalent will provide insight into how to navigate issues relating to oral product development and address these challenges early for a successful outcome in preclinical and early-stage clinical studies.   

Key learning objectives:

  • Understand how API sparing techniques can help select the right formulation platform technologies

  • Discover the rapid pathway of prototyping to fast track in vitro and in vivo studies

  • Learn how to incorporate rapid formulation technology screening into the overall early drug development strategy