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Looking to Engage with Media and the Press?

Media are invited to cover the 2023 BIO International Convention. Keep these tips in mind when working with the media ahead of, during, and after the convention.

Before Convention

Does your company or speaker have a newsworthy or interesting story to tell? Pitch your story to reports who are attending:



  • Consider using a press release to share your news with reporters. BIO has created templates as a starting point. Access templates for Company Presentations, program speakers, partnering and sponsorships here.
  • Post your press release on a wire service for broader distribution. There are numerous wire services available with differing costs and distribution levels. Here are some examples:
  • Reporters often respond to pitches when there is something new or exclusive to share. Ask yourself:
    • Is my news timely?
    • Am I sharing something new?
    • What will I offer a reporter that they can’t get elsewhere?
  • Confirm that your spokesperson:
    • Is available and ready to speak to a reporter on the topic pitched.
    • Can speak to the value and impact of what the company/organization is doing.
    • Knows the company or technology messaging (provide media training if not).

At Convention

  • Always consider yourself on the record. Once you leave your home and go to the airport, you may cross paths with a reporter on their way to San Diego. If you don’t want to see something written about, do not talk about it – even in the cab or coffee line.
  • Ahead of an interview, determine what you want to say and identify examples you want to include to bring your message to life. Make it easy for the reporter to know what is important.
  • Practice. Have someone ask you questions so you can get used to an interview format.
  • Find a quiet place to meet. All registered reporters have access to BIO’s private and semi-private interview space.
  • Limit the time for the conversation so there is a clear end time.
  • Hit your message throughout the interview. Weave in examples and stories. Focus on the value and impact of what your company or technology does.
  • If you get a tough question, be sure to respond to it, but consider using a bridging statement to get back to your message. Examples of bridging statements include:
    • “The important thing to know is …”
    • “What your readers/viewers/listeners should know is …”
    • “The bottom line is …”
    • “Let’s look at this from another perspective …”
    • “Well that’s not how we see it. We see it …”
  • Remember that your ultimate audience is the reader, viewer, or listener. The reporter is the way to reach that audience.
  • Keep your attention on the reporter and remember your nonverbals. Put away your phone and laptop. Keep good eye contact. Act naturally – if you talk with your hands, talk with your hands. Smile and breathe.
  • Watch the jargon. Biotechnology has a lot of industry jargon. Think about the audience and what they will understand. If you need to use a jargony word, be sure to define what it means. Think about impact and value.
  • Even after the formal questions are over, the interview is not. Until you say good-bye and leave the convention center, you should still act as though you are on the record.
  • The BIO media team will be on-site and available to help if you have questions.

After Convention

  • If you met with a reporter, follow up with them to see if they need anything else.
  • Building reporter relationships is important. Ask them what information they would like to know about moving forward and share updates on an ongoing basis.