Jess McDonough, PhD

Natick, Massachusetts, United States
Jess McDonough a cofounder and VP of Business Development of Attivare Therapeutics. Prior to joining Attivare Therapeutics, Dr. McDonough was at the Wyss Institute at Harvard in various business development roles to support translation of early stage nanotechnology and synthetic biology tech for 7 years. Prior to joining the Wyss Institute, Dr. McDonough was a consultant at Decision Resources Group (now Clariviate) serving top pharmaceutical and biotech clients on over 50 engagements. Dr. McDonough has a Ph.D. from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine where she studied mother-to-child transmission of HIV. Dr. McDonough has published 15 peer-reviewed publications.
Speaking In
3:45 PM - 4:00 PM (PDT)
Wednesday, June 15
Attivare is a preclinical, venture-backed, immunotherapy company that is developing novel vaccines…