Anuj Kalsy

Frederick, Maryland, United States
Anuj is a Pharma professional & leader amassing over two decades of specialized scientific experience, patents, and several high-impact factor publications.

He uses his scientific, leadership & translational drug discovery research skills as a biomedical leader to contribute effectively in Pharma and clinical R&D setting.

His primary focus is in the field of immunology and oncology. Translational focus is on Antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), high content imaging, primary patient-derived tumor cell line & PDX tumor models, in vitro & in vivo target validation, cell based assays, biomarkers, immunology, molecular biology, microbiology & related areas.

Anuj is a subject matter expert (SME) in immunology, oncology & microbiology. Additionally, he is a world expert in development & generation of patient derived primary cell-lines from various genetically diverse human cancers using novel tissue culture protocols.
Speaking In
12:00 PM - 12:15 PM (PDT)
Tuesday, June 14
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