Moira Gunn, PhD

San Francisco, California, United States
Dr. Moira Gunn founded the Bioentrepreneurship graduate courses at the University of San Francisco to serve multiple degree programs, including MBA, JD/MBA, Information Systems, and PSM/Biotechnology. Her work in this area overlaps with her journalism experience, producing and hosting Tech Nation, and its regular segment, BioTech Nation. This programming airs on such venues as NPR-affiliate stations domestically, as well as other national and international venues and via podcasting, including Apple, NPROne, and Spotify, among others. In this capacity, she has interviewed over 1,000 CEO’s, scientist-entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, policymakers, and visionary leaders in the biotech field. Dr. Gunn holds a BS in Computer Science from USF, and from Purdue University, both an MS in Computer Science and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. A former NASA engineer and scientist, her book “Welcome to BioTech Nation … My Unexpected Odyssey into the Land of Small Molecules, Lean Genes, and Big Ideas” was cited by the Library Journal on its “Best Science Books” list. Her recognitions include the National Science Board’s Public Service Award to the Individual for her contributions to the public understanding of science and engineering, as well as an honorary Doctor of Science from Purdue University. She is a member of the Executive Committee and former president of SIBER, the Society for International Bioenterprise Education and Research. Dr. Gunn is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Commercial Biotechnology.
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Tuesday, June 14
While chronic diseases often pose persistent, daily challenges, many patients have few treatment…