Yongchan Kim

Gaithersburg, Maryland,
Yong Chan Kim, PhD is a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and a founder of TeraImmune, Inc. As a Treg immunologist with 13 years of professional experience, Dr. Kim has dedicated himself to experimentally investigating functional roles of human Tregs and to developing TeraImmune’s key Treg manipulating technologies: TREGABLE™ and TREGING™ using ODNps25 treatment and B-cell antibody receptor (BAR) targeting antibody-producing B cell directly. He has accumulated his scientific experience as an undergraduate student, a postdoctoral fellow, and a research assistant professor at Chungnam National University, NIAID and Uniformed Services University, respectively.
His scientific interest is to develop a platform to generate antigen-specific therapeutic human regulatory T cells (e.g., FVIII, MS antigens, etc.) and T cells (e.g., B lymphoma, etc.) using viral transduction of T cell receptors (TCR), CAR, and Variation-of-CAR (B-cell antibody receptor, BAR) ex vivo.
Speaking In
3:00 PM - 3:15 PM (PDT)
Wednesday, June 15
As one of the leading companies in the immune cell therapy with Regulatory T (Treg) cells,…