Yuanhua Ding, PhD

Natick, Massachusetts, United States
Dr. Yuan-Hua Ding is the Founder and CEO of Allianthera Biopharmaceutical (Suzhou, China & Boston, US), an innovative biotech with a mission to apply breakthrough sciences and novel technologies to discover first-in-class and differentiated therapies for patients across the globe with unmet medical needs. Since the founding of ATB in late 2020, Dr. Ding and his team have successfully raised $30+ M and have established a strong pre-clinical stage pipeline targeting autoimmune diseases.

Prior to ATB, Dr. Ding was VP and Head of Pfizer Asia Discovery Labs (ADL), Emerging Science & Innovation (ES&I) at Pfizer Worldwide Research, Development and Medical (WRDM), and a member of the ES&I leadership team. In this capacity, Yuan-Hua built and led an entrepreneurial group of experimental scientists and skilled drug hunters to collaborate broadly with Asia Pacific biomedical R&D communities with the goal of translating promising science into clinical candidates. Yuan-Hua also managed WRDM’s Asia Innovation Fund (AIF) which provided flexible funding to academic collaborations, biotech alliances and NewCo seeding with partners in the Asia Pacific region. In his 20+ years’ service at Pfizer, Dr. Ding served a variety of roles in the Pfizer R&D division, including Head of External Science and Innovation - Asia Pacific, Head of Structural Biology at the Research Technology Center (RTC) in Cambridge, MA, Associate Research Fellow and Senior Research Scientist. As the Head of the RTC Structural Biology, he oversaw a group of scientists responsible for protein production, characterization, crystallization, crystallography and structure-based drug design. His group supported a structural based drug design portfolio of 10+ programs, through collaborative efforts with RTC, Pfizer global structural biology groups and therapeutic area project teams, covering oncology, diabetes, inflammation and CNS. He also served as project leaders for several drug discovery programs, of which some entered into the clinics.

Dr. Ding has been working with Bohe Angel Fund since 2018, initially as an advisor and then as a venture partner from 2020 to the present.

Dr. Ding received a bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering from Peking University and a master’s degree in Biophysics from Tsinghua University. After completion of doctoral studies in Biochemistry at the University of Pittsburgh, he moved to Harvard University to become a postdoctoral fellow with Prof. Don Wiley, focusing on structural and biophysical aspects of molecular interactions between the T-cell receptor (TCR), major histocompatibility complex (MHC) and peptide antigens.
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