Christian Thirion, PhD

Graefelfing, Germany
Christian Thirion is the founder and CEO of SIRION Biotech, and has successfully taken the company from a start up to a leading developer and manufacturer of viral vectors for cell and gene therapy and vaccination. The company is now part of PerkenElmer. Christian plays a key role in the development of SIRION’s viral vector technology including AAV evolution and solutions to improve gene transfer and transduction, and is co-inventor of LentiBOOST®, a lentiviral transduction enhancer approved for use in clinical trials. Christian is heavily involved with managing and executing collaborations for technology out and in-licensing, including R&D collaborations with large Pharma and US Biotech companies for therapeutic AAV vector development.
Speaking In
10:15 AM - 11:15 AM (PDT)
Thursday, June 16
During recent years, a few challenges and risks to patients have been reported emerging from viral…