Colin Stubberfield

Witney, United Kingdom
Colin is SVP Drug Discovery at PrecisionLife. His background is in cell biology, originally in oncology, but he has worked across many therapeutic areas.
He is an experienced leader in pre-clinical drug discovery and has had leading roles in coordinating teams in target identification/validation and drug discovery projects, across the spectrum from large pharma to small biotechs, including UCB-Celltech, Oxford GlycoSciences, GSK, Wellcome and eTherapeutics.
More recently he has built virtual development models, bringing together resources from academic groups, CROs and in collaboration with pharma partners.
Colin believes that our ability to generate data has outstripped our capability to analyse and interpret it. Hence he is drawn to novel approaches to reveal the understanding and value that lies hidden in the big data sets and which can be used to unravel complex diseases, pointing to new treatments and new ways of stratifying patient groups.
Speaking In
4:15 PM - 5:15 PM (PDT)
Wednesday, June 15
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