Dr. Remo Moomiaie-Qajar, M.D., MD

Columbus, Ohio, United States
Dr. Moomiaie-Qajar is a trained surgeon from Yale University with a long academic history of innovating commercially viable products in medicine. Dr. Moomiaie-Qajar has 15 years of experience with transitional technologies that he has incubated from start-up or early stage level to exit. His background as an academic researcher, physician, and entrepreneur is an unique trifecta of perspective and experience to Cytonus Therapeutics, Inc. his latest startup in the oncologic immunotherapy space. He holds a number of US and International Patents and has successfully funded and launched a number of Life Science companies (Clarify Medical, Inc. San Diego Psoriasis and Vitiligo Medical Device Company). He is currently the CEO of Remo CRO, a full service CRO. Dr. Moomiaie-Qajar is an active member of a number of National Angel Investment Groups and manages a Life Science seed fund.
Speaking In
1:30 PM - 1:45 PM
Thursday, June 6
Cytonus Therapeutics, Inc. is a early-stage biotechnology company spin out of the University of…