Dr. William Rust

Germantown, Maryland, United States
William L. Rust, PhD, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Seraxis is a leading diabetes and regenerative medicine expert. A strong track record of peer-reviewed publications, book chapters, and presentations at international conferences, in addition to considerable experience in industry, all highlight Dr. Rust’s strengths and breadth as an acknowledged leader in the field of cell therapy. He is a forward thinker and visionary and the recipient of 4 Excellence Awards, 4 government grants and 7 patents for his work. Dr. Rust launched Seraxis Inc. in 2013 and successfully completed multiple rounds of private equity financing to support the company’s operational growth. He is heading a team of scientists who developed SR-01, a novel combination product for insulin-dependent diabetes. SR-01 is a combination of iPS-derived pancreatic islets functionally indistinguishable from native islets encapsulated in a novel bi-layered device, SeraGraft. SeraGraft protects a therapeutic dose of cells against a cytotoxic alloimmune response and enables the cells close association with the host vasculature. Dr. Rust earned a Ph.D. in biochemistry and occupied multiple managerial positions at Novartis, Lonza and ATCC prior to joining Seraxis. He is also an avid lecturer and speaker.
Speaking In
4:15 PM - 4:30 PM
Wednesday, June 5
Seraxis, Inc. is a private biotech company with a mission of bringing cell replacement therapies to…