Ken Horne

Redwood City, California, United States
Mr. Horne has over 20 years of experience in the life science industry as an executive, entrepreneur and investor. He joined Teon Therapeutics as President and COO in 2019. Previously, Mr. Horne was CEO of Symic Bio starting in 2014. Under his leadership Symic raised over $90M in funding and advanced two first-in-category drugs into phase 2 studies. Both assets have been partnered. Before Symic, Mr. Horne was a founding member of TauTona Group, an early stage life science venture capital fund. At TauTona, Mr. Horne founded Aline Aesthetics, a novel biomaterial company, where he led the company as General Manager until its acquisition by Allergan (AGN) in 2014. He also served as Vice President of Business Development for TauTona portfolio companies, which included acquisitions by LifeCell and Novadaq (NVDQ).

Mr. Horne serves on the Board of Teon Therapeutics, Symic Bio, AfaSci, and is an advisory Partner at Advantary. He has a B.S. and M.S. degree from Stanford University
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Teon Therapeutics is a private biopharma company developing a novel pipeline of GPCR-targeting…