Byoung Gwag

Yonginsi, Gyeonggido, Korea - South Korea
I received a PhD degree in Neuroscience, Drexel University School of Medicine in 1993, postdoctoral training at Dr. Dennis W. Choi’s lab of Washington University School of Medicine, and served as professor at Department of Pharmacology, Ajou University School of Medicine for 1995-2011. I had served as director of Research Institute for Neural Science and Technology, Center for the Study of Interventional Therapy of Stroke and Alzheimer’s Disease, and Anti-Alzheimer’s Drug Development Research Center. I was appointed as a director of Innovative Research Project for CNS drug Discovery and Development in 2014 and National Drug Development Project for the treatment of Stroke in 2017 in China. I published more than 90 papers in high impact journals including Science, Journal of Cell Biology, and Journal of Neuroscience. I and my colleagues founded GNT Pharma in 1998 and invented drug candidates for the treatment of stroke and neurodegenerative diseases with more than 70 issued patents.
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The founding scientists of GNT Pharma have delineated mechanisms underlying nerve cell death…