Doo Young Jung

Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, Korea - South Korea
Dr. Doo Young Jung is a founder and CEO of PinotBio, Inc. Dr. Jung has founded PinotBio, Inc. in February 2017. After receiving his Ph. D. degree in organic chemistry, Dr. Jung has developed good skills of intellectual property and business development for biotech industry. Dr. Jung had worked as a former patent examiner at Korea Intellectual Property Office from 2010 to 2012 and had been the Business Development head at Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, a Korean government funded research institute from 2013, where he had successfully participated in several out-licensing deals with global pharmas and biotechs. In February 2017, he has teamed up with Dr. Jin-Soo Lee, CTO of PinotBio and a former head of R&D at Dongwha Pharmaceutical Company of Korea, and with Dr. Hyunyong Cho, COO of PinotBio, and a former VP at Heraeus Korea to found PinotBio, Inc.
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PinotBio, Inc. is a development stage biotech focusing on the development of innovative small…