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Below are the companies who have been nominated in each of three categories, "Early Stage Entrepreneurs", "Late Stage Leaders" and "Diagnostics and Beyond". Only one vote per email address will be counted. Read the official contest rules here. Don't forget to register for the BIO Investor Forum, happening October 22-23 in San Francisco! 

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Early Stage Entrepreneurs


Why You Should Vote**

1. In Phase 2 clinical development (for alcohol use disorder and opioid use disorder).
2. Mission: Improve Public Health by Reducing Addiction. We are developing an NCE with a novel anti-craving mechanism of action (published in Nature Med). 
3. Capital efficient: more than $15M NIH support; and as a spin-out from Gilead Sciences, building from a large prior development investment.

1. Mission: Cure obesity and Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) that are growing and costly pandemics in need of safe and effective therapies.
2. Strategy: Use of One Drug-Multiple Targets concept (the mode of action of our drug candidates which are microRNA analogs) to modulate several target genes involved in lipid oxidation, mitochondrial functions, thermogenesis, glucose metabolism, adipocyte differentiation, inflammation and anti-oxidation.
3. Accomplishment to date: Proofs of efficacy of oligonucleotide therapeutic agents achieved in human adipocytes in culture and in animal models.

1.  Important medical and social need for opioid addition treatment - one of the two lead development stage products we are working on address this need utilizing a proprietary oral delivery technology - pre-IND meeting feedback has been received from FDA, IND submitted, human PK trials scheduled for 4Q2019 and registration in 2020 utilizing the 505(b)2 regulatory pathway - huge market potential addressing issues with current treatments
2.  Pain management utilizing our patent protected combination therapy avoids opioid addiction potential of current opioid post-surgical prescribing patterns.  Huge market potential also addressing genuine medical need and payors criteria. Utilizes proprietary oral delivery technology platform.
3.  Solid company with very low overhead expense, no debt, few outstanding private shares and solid basis for successful IPO.
1. Dynamic science: transformative potential of the technology platform to enable antigen independent delivery of any small molecule anticancer agent.
2. Innovation/agility: Cybrexa has taken its lead program from inception to the cusp of filing an IND in under 3 years while building out a robust preclinical pipeline with a team of less than 20 scientists and chemists.
3. Commitment to community: Cybrexa was formed to realize the potential of a discovery initially made at Yale, and has remained committed to the New Haven Community. The company has hired Connecticut-based talent as the Connecticut life sciences landscape has shifted away from big-pharma.

We are developing a molecule (INV-102) that augments the DNA repair response to infection and injury.
1. INV-102 is the first molecule ever to show significant long term therapeutic benefit in animal models of ocular sulfur mustard gas injury. The military has been searching for a solution since World War I.
2. INV-102's mechanism also reduces viral replication of many common viruses, and enhances the repair of the damage they cause.
3.  In addition to being effective in the eyes, INV-102 has also shown efficacy in the lungs, thereby indicating that INV-102 has the potential to be a first line therapy for both acute ophthalmic and pulmonary infections or injuries.   

1 . We are seeking to innovate cancer treatments with our peptide-based therapeutics addressing "undruggable targets" in oncology. 
2 . Our lead candidate, ST101, will enter the clinic in 1H 2020 for the treatment of advanced solid tumors.
3 . With platform-based discovery capabilities we have built a robust pipeline of potential important therapeutics that may address many oncology indication.
1. First in class approach using live bugs to deliver drugs in the lungs of cystic fibrosis patients and beyond. 
2. Replacement of antibiotics for antibiotic resistant Psuedomonas and MRSA infections while preventing further exacerbations. 
3. Our first therapeutic, Aeruguard, like antibiotics can kill active infections, but unlike antibiotics it can also kill hibernating pathogens, dissolve biofilm, and thin mucus.
1. Our molecule has human exposure in more than 100 patients in three Phase 2 clinical trials that support novel MOA.
2. Secured US FDA orphan designation for Cushings's syndrome.
3. Completed animal model studies that demonstrate efficacy in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) as the second therapeutic opportunity.
1. The only company leveraging the emerging field of synthetic biology on top of a breakthrough mRNA platform.
2. Spun out by technical founders from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
3. A breakthrough platform led by the leading minds in synthetic biology and immuno-engineering.

1. ZyVersa Therapeutics is a clinical stage company with two wholly-owned product platforms, each with potential for multiple indications (orphan and non-orphan), initially targeting the $60+ billion anti-inflammatory drug market and the $13+ billion renal drug market.
2. Our pipeline includes a novel inflammasome inhibitor targeting ASC (IC 100), with potential to block initiation and perpetuation of inflammation in numerous inflammatory diseases including NASH, Lupus Nephritis, MS and DKD, and a Phase 2a-ready cholesterol efflux mediator (VAR 200) uniquely targeting glomerular lipid accumulation leading to impaired renal filtration, renal failure, and dialysis or transplant in patients with chronic renal diseases including FSGS, Alport Syndrome, and DKD.
3. With no approved disease-modifying treatments for renal disease, and the need for safer, more effective anti-inflammatory drugs, investor interest is high in both therapeutic areas; significant increases in company valuation in the renal space after announcement of positive Ph2 results and several multi-billion dollar transactions were consummated at preclinical stages in 2018 and 2019 for inflammasome inhibitors.

**Reasons self-described by each nominee.

Late Stage Leaders


Why You Should Vote**

1. Leading innovative DED treatment in Phase 3 with an upcoming data readout by end of the year.
2. Developing one of a kind solutions for serious rare diseases for Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy and Sjogren-Larsson Syndrome, where no approved treatments currently exist.
3. Track record of development success.

1.High unmet need responsible for 1 in 4 deaths in the US, and yet a neglected area of R and D amongst established pharma.
2. Anti-Thrombotic with unique clotting cascade FXI and XIa inhibition bringing the promise of improving treatment effectiveness with a wide therapeutic window.
3. Novel genetics-derived antibody therapy, monthly administration with potential to transform treatment SOC.

1.aTyr focuses on the extracellular functionality and signaling pathways of tRNA synthetases. Based on more than a decade of foundational science in this area, we have built a global intellectual property estate directed to all 20 human tRNA synthetases, with over 300 protein compositions patented. 2. Our lead clinical product candidate, ATYR1923, is a selective modulator of Neuropilin-2 (NRP2). ATYR1923 is a potential first-in-class, a disease-modifying therapy for patients with ILD, a group of immune-mediated disorders that cause progressive fibrosis of the lung interstitium. ATYR1923 is currently in a Phase 1b/2a clinical trial in patients with pulmonary sarcoidosis.
3.aTyr Pharma's mission is to translate newly discovered biological pathways to develop innovative therapies with improved outcomes for patients with unmet medical needs.

Cellphire, Inc. is a clinical stage biologics company that has developed an innovative, patented cell stabilization platform technology allowing long-term storage of platelets in dry powder form at room temperature. This increases storage life from 5 days to at least 3 years and promises to revolutionize platelet delivery and storage logistics, reduce waste and contamination risk, and enable the development of a wide range of transfusable hemostatics, advanced bio-therapeutics, targeted drug delivery and regenerative medicine treatments.
1.  A late-stage therapeutically focused portfolio of two development stage drug candidates (rare disease focus plus data from multiple clinical studies mitigates development and regulatory risk while offering exceptional upside):
      Glufosfamide - currently enrolling in phase 3 for pancreatic cancer
      ILC - in phase 2 for lung cancer, phase 3 ready for pulmonary metastases of osteosarcoma
2.  Near term commercialization and value catalyst - Glufosfamide NDA projected for 2021.
3.  Strongly supported by partnerships with pharma companies in China, S. Korea, and Israel.
Leading clinical stage company tackling single nucleotide changes in coding sequences of essential proteins leading to inherited genetic disorders. Over the fall of 2019 topline data readouts from Phase 2 trials in Cystic Fibrosis and Cystinosis are key catalysts for the organization. Eloxx has worked closely with Patient Advocacy groups who are supporting the advances of these trials and additional preclinical work to expand the focus to inherited retinal disorders as well. Eloxx proprietary eukaryotic ribosomally selective glycosides have been studied in multiple academic laboratories resulting in publications spanning a range of rare diseases.

1. VT-1161, our lead product, has demonstrated unprecedented efficacy in patients with recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis (RVVC) and represents a major innovation in women's health as the potential first FDA-approved therapy.
2. With our global study and partners, we aim to address RVVC as a condition without geographic boundary that affects 138 million women annually and is expected to grow to 158 million by 2030.
3. Our other pipeline products include VT-1598, an agent which has demonstrated excellent activity against difficult to treat fungal infections, including Candida auris, Aspergillosis species, and pathogens responsible for Valley fever and cryptococcal meningitis.

1. Clinical safety and efficacy profile of our product candidate (TPX-100) demonstrated in the completed Phase 2 studies accord with the desired clinical benefits by the patients and FDA's latest guideline for a new osteoarthritis (OA) therapy.
2. TPX-100 exhibited a direct function on pathophysiology of the disease in clinic, strongly suggesting it is a disease-modifying drug.
3. The planned next clinical study to be completed in three years with modest budget will be a very similar study to the completed study and could be one of two registration studies in the U.S.
1. Protagonist Therapeutics has a platform that uses a type of molecule, constrained peptides, that have properties that accomplish what is not possible with either small molecules or biologic antibodies, opening up new clinical applications in areas including blood disorders and inflammatory bowel disease.
2. Protagonist has a partnership with Janssen/J&J in development of a Phase 2 clinical inflammatory bowel disease program that has a potential value of over $1 billion.
3. The Protagonist hepcidin mimetic program, PTG-300, has applications in beta-thalassemia, polycythemia vera, myelodysplastic syndromes and hereditary hemochromatosis, by influencing the body's main regulatory hormone of iron metabolism. These indications have not been sufficiently addressed by other approaches, while constrained peptide PTG-300 has already shown promise by reducing average iron levels by 60 percent from baseline.

**Reasons self-described by each nominee.

Diagnostics and Beyond


Why You Should Vote**

1. Antidote has a differentiated offering to connecting patients to clinical trials -- a unique approach called precision recruitment. This includes a technology-based clinical trial search platform that allows patients to screen against all trials, a portfolio of trials, or a specific trial, a robust partner network, thorough prescreening down to labs, and site engagement. 
2. Antidote addresses industry cost of delayed trials (time and money -- up to $8M/day when a trial is delayed) as well as the human cost by connecting patients to trials. As ALS patient Eric Valor shared in a video we made of him, "Clinical trials represent life, period."
3. Antidote has made strong progress in the past year, with a new CEO at the helm. Revenue growth has been notable.

1. Aperiomics is advancing the entire landscape of microbial characterization. 
2. Supported by the National Science Foundation and voted the 2018 Start Up of the Year by the Consumer Technology Association, Aperiomics is establishing the gold standard for comprehensive infectious disease testing by utilizing our proprietary bioinformatics platform, Xplore-BIOME. 
3. Day after day, Aperiomics helps clinicians identify the root cause of medical mysteries. 
1. Genomenon is one of the fastest growing bioinformatics companies in the genomics market.  We connect patient's DNA with the billions of dollars of genomic research to help doctors diagnose & cure cancer patients and babies with rare diseases.
2. Our flagship product, the Mastermind Genomic Search Engine has garnered 3500 users just 18 months since its introduction.
3. With machine learning and AI, we auto-curate genetic variants to help pharma companies understand the genomic landscape of any disease, identify clinical trial targets and provide scientific evidence for companion diagnostic biomarkers to the FDA.

1. To revolutionize diagnostics, we are developing rapid, low-cost tests for infectious diseases to identify pathogens and treat patients in real-time at the point-of-need instead of waiting for a lab test result.
2. Our diagnostic kits will detect and identify pathogens to allow for targeted treatment and help combat antibiotic resistance.
3.Bringing diagnostics to all, our affordable and portable diagnostic kits will be able to diagnose infectious diseases anywhere in the world, even in places with low resources without clinical laboratories.  

1. Haystack:Drugs::Google:Information. Haystack’s evolvable DNA-Encoded chemical Libraries (DELs) and proprietary nDexer™ experimental algorithm combine to enable an efficient search of chemical space.
2. Facilicating Discovery through DELs & Data. Try our platform on your favorite target(s) with a simple fee-for-service agreement.
3. Not just another tool, an entire toolkit. Haystack’s platform accelerates the most expensive and data intensive portion of therapeutic development, multidimensional evaluation of compounds prior to IND filing.

1. The only company (not using genomics) that has demonstrated (and validated in multiple cohorts) the ability to accurately diagnose Ovarian, Pancreatic, Liver and other cancers very early.
2. Trailblazing and scaling glycoprotemics and its applications in Patient Stratification Treatment Prediction, Response & Monitoring - companion diagnostics.
3. Currently on track to unlock and validate novel glycoprotemic targets.

1. Currently offering the only CLIA approved blood testing for stroke to improve clinical workflow and addresses 2M US annual hospital visits for stroke and focus on preventing 80% of strokes.
2. Completed 1700 patient BASE clinical trial (NCT02014896) with record enrollment and led by passionate clinicians with a vision to revolutionize stroke care.
3. Incredible leadership team and capital efficiency, completing commercial milestones on $10M capital (compared to 10x in similar companies). 2018 INVEST Diagnostic category winner, 2019 MedTech Innovator Accelerator Company.

1. We are "hot" - at FDA clearance doorstep
2. We are "cool" - disposable single use device
3. We are "unique" - hardcore innovative features
1. NeuroDex proprietary technology of exosomes isolation from plasma samples have the potential to transform the liquid biopsy field in neurology and beyond.
2. NeuroDex founders are enthusiastic scientist, veteran executive and successful serial entrepreneurs, which are poised to advance the technology to the bad-side.
3. NeuroDex diagnostic platform is flexible and may be tailored to many therapeutic targets. We are already working with few companies and believe that many therapeutic companies will find our presentation interesting and our product valuable for their clinical development programs.

1. We have developed biomimetic drug-like molecules that will expand access to and improve organs for transplant. This will not only result in tens of thousands more organs available for transplant and thus many lives saved, but also reduced discard, enhanced graft viability and faster recovery, shorter hospital stays, and greatly diminished healthcare costs overall.  According to the US Department of Defense, we could make significant headway to abolish some waiting lists in as little as a couple of years.
2. We used the power of biomimicry and the capabilities of nanoscience to develop molecules that mimic the function of natural antifreeze proteins.  These molecules are non-toxic, and protect functionality and viability of cells, tissues and organs. We have a significant amount of data from various studies in the last three years, including a recent breakthrough heart transplant study with a leading medical university.
3. Fewer than 37,000 transplants are completed each year, yet 1.2M people in US are in immediate need of a transplant (10x of the actual transplant list). 800,000 people die yearly whose deaths could be prevented with a transplant. And the shocker: 80% of transplantable organs are currently wasted because they cannot be preserved without functional deterioration. 

**Reasons self-described by each nominee.