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Company Presentations FAQ

Q: What is a Company Presentation?

A: Company Presentations at the BIO Investor Forum are 13-minute PowerPoint presentations given by senior-level executives. They showcase a company’s pipeline, R&D activities, business objectives and investment goals.

Q: Why do companies present?

A: Companies and organizations present at the BIO Investor Forum to get in front of an exclusive audience of public and private equity investors, plus other biotech executives. (Since 2011, 44% of all US therapeutic IPO companies participated in a BIO Investor Forum event as a private company.) Presenters also receive exclusive benefits not available to general attendees, including pre-conference marketing (such as email newsletters, press releases, etc.), designation in the One-on-One Partnering System, and the opportunity to participate in exclusive content on the BIOtechNow blog.

Q: Who can present?

A:  The BIO Investor Forum will feature presentations primarily by early and established private companies, as well as 20-30 emerging public companies. Those interested in presenting must have a clear R&D focus, with a pipeline involving biotechnology therapeutics, diagnostics, or platform technologies. This can include patient advocacy groups. Service providers will not be considered, but should email our Sponsorship Team to discuss alternative ways to highlight your initiatives with a dedicated team member.. For companies looking to participate in the Discovery Track, there are additional financial qualifications, explained in more detail below, and on our registration page. All applications submitted will be reviewed and appropriate companies will be approved to present.

Q: How can we get a presentation spot at this event?

A: Submit an application! All companies and organizations who are interested in presenting are encouraged to submit an application, which can be done here. Your application will be reviewed, and you will be notified shortly on its status. Should your application be accepted, registration and logistical details would then be provided.

Q: What is the deadline to submit an application?

A: While there is no official deadline to submit an application, space is limited, and applications should be submitted as soon as possible. Presentation times are assigned on a first come first served basis. Once presentation spots are sold out, applications will be wait listed, and companies will be notified if/when a presentation slot becomes available.

Q: Are presentations recorded?

A: Approved companies have the option of purchasing a webcasting package. More information regarding webcasting will be available closer to the event.

Q: Do you invite companies to present?

A: BIO does send invitations to companies who are ‘pre-approved’ to present. If your company has received an invitation, you will still need to submit an application. Please refer to the instructions in the letter to confirm your presentation spot.

Q: Do I need to be registered for BIF to present?

A: Presenters must purchase a registration pass in order to give them access to the sessions, One-on-One Partnering System, lunches, and networking events. There is also a separate presentation fee. For more information on registration pricing, please visit our registration page.

Q: Are there any additional fees associated with presenting?

A: Yes. Presentation fees are different depending on company type. Please refer to the outline above for more information. Sponsorship is not required to give a presentation.

Q: How long are the presentations?

A: All presentations are 13 minutes in length, including any Q&A from the audience, should a company want to take questions.

Q: Are there breakout sessions after presentations?

A: No, presenters do not have follow-up sessions after a presentation has concluded. Instead, we advise that interested parties visit the onsite One-on-One Partnering desk to schedule a private meeting, or utilize the common area space immediately outside of the presentation rooms.

Q: Are there options to help smaller companies get a chance to present?

A: For emerging private companies, a special pricing structure exists to provide them an opportunity to meet with investors and present. Referred to as “Discovery Companies” at this event, these companies must be in a Seed or Series A financing round, and have raised less than $25M total through October 2018. Like the rest of the presenting companies at this event, they must focus on biotechnology or related technologies for R&D of drug products or diagnostics. Final qualifications are made by BIO.

You can also enter to win a complimentary registration and application though the Buzz of BIO Conference at the BIO Investor Forum. Click here for more information about the contest and how to apply.

Q: Who can attend the presentations?

A: All registered attendees and investors have full access to the company presentations at this event. Please note, there are no day passes or special exceptions made for individuals or companies looking to attend a particular company's presentation.

Q: Who can I contact for more information?

A: Please email us at