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BIO One-on-One Partnering is proprietary software developed by BIO that allows selected registrants to utilize an online database tool to:

  • Search company and investor profiles.
  • Evaluate potential collaborations and funding opportunities with participating companies.
  • Communicate directly with prospective investors and senior business and scientific management.
  • Pre-schedule private one-on-one meetings.

With the overall objective of creating a friendly environment to initiate business contacts, scheduled meetings take place in 30-minute intervals in private rooms provided by BIO onsite of the conference. Prior to the conference, pre-scheduled meetings are arranged via BIO One-on-One PartneringTM and these schedules can be printed for your convenience.

This industry-specific, web-based interactive software enables participants to move efficiently from the identification of prospective partners to discussion and negotiations. 


Help drive your partnering experience at the BIO Investor Forum with the following webinars:

  • What’s Hot & What’s Not in Immuno-Oncology Licensing - Hosted by BIO, ShareVault, and Defined Health, this panel discusses how they judge immuno-oncology combinations, the impact of business models on cell therapy, winning strategies for deals in immuno-oncology licensing, and more.
  • Putting on the Pitch - If you are a biopharma or biotech company, this webinar will teach you how to pitch your projects to in-licensors or investors. Experts from pharma BD, venture capital, academic incubators and IR firms help you perfect your pitch during partnering meetings and company presentations.    
  • How to Pitch to Investors - Learn how to put your best foot forward in an investor meeting, non confidential or confidential deck, or company presentation. Our expert panelists will help you design the perfect slide deck, speak confidently and effectively to VCs and crossover fund investors, and identify what a VC looks for (and what sends him running) when evaluating investment opportunities. 
  • Capturing Investor Interest in a Hot Biotech Climate - This webinar featured five leading investors who advise start-ups seeking funding on how to achieve success in their ventures. Questions addressed include: What makes an investor take out the checkbook? With the influx of capital flowing in the biotech pools, what steps should be followed by those interviewing investment firms? What due diligence is needed to find appropriate investment partners? What steps should a company take to ensure that the partnership runs smoothly?

Types of Meetings Scheduled in 2014

Attendees by Seniority in 2014

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* Due to the limited amount of space and the nature of the conference, BIO One-on-One PartneringTM is restricted to only biotech/pharmaceutical registrants and qualified investors. If you have any questions regarding qualifications, please send an email to