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OncoSenX is a late stage pre-clinical cancer company headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Our platform allows us to target solid tumors based on transcriptional activity using a unique lipid nanoparticle and plasmid DNA.

The DNA encodes an inducible death protein under a promoter that is active in the tumor. The first therapeutic we will take into the clinic targets cells with elevated levels of the tumor suppressor p53. Our novel LNP delivery technology allows us to administer high doses systemically and multiple times. The LNPs are non-immunogenic and well tolerated at doses far higher than the maximum expected human equivalent dose in rodents and non-human primates.

Our advanced constructs also encode immunotherapeutic proteins. We have successfully used these to induce immune-mediated tumor ablation in animal models and plan to perform studies in tumors that are refractory to checkpoint inhibitors.
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United States
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OSX-001 (for solid tumors with elevated levels of p53 transcription factors)
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