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Development and manufacture of biopharmaceuticals requires continual testing to ensure quality and consistency across process steps and from batch-to-batch. Current testing is cumbersome and low-throughput, failing to provide the real time analytics that today’s rapidly growing $200B biopharma industry desperately needs. Intabio is addressing the acute unmet need for rapid, automated product quality analysis with the Blaze System, a transformative solution based on a decade’s worth of deep insight into bioproduction needs. Instead of weeks and a lab full of equipment. Intabio’s Blaze System provides a comprehensive, one-stop analysis of biopharmaceutical product quality in minutes per sample, processing 100-fold more samples at a fraction of the cost. The Blaze System utilizes Intabio’s proprietary microchip platform to integrate gold-standard analytical approaches for separation, quantitation, and molecular identity. The total annual US market for the Blaze system is over $1B.
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