Cantabio Pharmaceuticals

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Cantabio Pharmaceuticals is a preclinical stage biotechnology company focusing on the research and development of disease modifying therapeutics candidates for Alzheimer’s disease (AD), Parkinson’s disease (PD) and Type II diabetes (T2D). Cantabio is targeting the reduction of biochemical stress such as oxidative and glyoxal stress and protein aggregation, which are believed to be some of the main causes of these diseases. Cantabio’s research strategy integrates a detailed therapeutic focus, target family biophysics, and drug discovery technology and expertise into an innovative drug discovery approach to develop small molecule pharmacological chaperones for clinical trials. Cantabio is developing the following therapeutic programs: (1) CB101: small molecule pharmacological chaperones targeting the DJ-1 protein for PD; (2) CB201: engineered cell-penetrant DJ-1 protein for T2D; (3) CB301: small molecule pharmacological chaperones targeting the Tau protein for AD.
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United States
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CB101 - for Parkinson's Disease
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