SciBac Inc.

10:45 AM - 11:00 AM (EDT), Tuesday, October 22, 2019 ・ 2nd Floor
SciBac is a preclinical company located in Burlingame, CA. SciBac creates rEvolutionary live biotherapeutics that treat and prevent chronic lung infections in cystic fibrosis and beyond. At SciBac, we design our biologics for increased efficacy and survival using our MERGE technology. Each microbe has multiple modes of action including direct killing and biofilm removal to increase efficacy and reduce the possibility of resistance. Our first lung therapeutic, Aeruguard, removes Pseudomonas, Staph, and Burkholderia lung infections while Mybacguard, a different biologic, removes Non-tuberculous Mycobateria (NTM) where the pathogens hide. Both therapeutics have the potential to be used for multiple indications outside of CF including branchiectasis, VAP, non-CF lung infections, Acinetobacter infections, skin infections, and sinusitis. We have raised $1.95M including investment from Breakout Labs and iSelect Fund, brought in $300k of revenue from industrial projects, and $1M in grants.
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United States
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Aeruguard for Psuedomonas & Staph lung infections in cystic fibrosis
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SciBac Inc.