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EnterTroy Bio is a company whose mission is to safely overcome the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB). Our “BBB Permeability Kit” contains novel drugs and devices that have been extensively studied by our clinical and basic science research teams. These teams are the world leaders in intra-arterial drug delivery with blood brain barrier disruption with over a decade’s worth of experience in pre-clinical modeling and human clinical trials. This proprietary kit provides all the microcatheters, pumps and syringes and drugs to perform intra-arterial blood brain barrier disruption and delivery of drugs to the brain. Our hope is to provide the end-user with all of the supplies necessary to not only safely perform intra-arterial drug delivery to the brain but to regulate BBB permeability for the delivery of therapeutic agents past the BBB. While important for the treatment of cancers to the brain, this kit will have a wide applicability to the treatment of a host of CNS disorders.
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New York
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United States
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Blood Brain Barrier Disruption Kit
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