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Summit Attendee Experiences

“The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network is embarking on a new initiative called Precision Promise, a precision medicine clinical trial system for pancreatic cancer patients. We will be working with collaborators including researchers, clinicians, drug and diagnostic companies, and the FDA. We have funded clinical trials in the past, but never actually sponsored a clinical trial. Sponsoring clinical trials brings about new regulatory issues that we have not faced before, and the topics at the Summit are addressing some of those areas. My hope in attending the Summit is to better understand some of the issues we will be facing, how to address them and who the experts are that can help us.” - Julie Fleshman, President and CEO, Pancreatic Cancer Action Network


“The BIO Patient and Health Advocacy Summit enhanced ICAN's relationships with key stakeholders, as well as fellow advocates, which will help us to even more effectively handle upcoming challenges. I learned a tremendous amount from the speakers and learned an equal amount from the attendees. It was a real pleasure to meet so many fascinating people.” - Steve Horn, Director, State Government Relations, International Cancer Advocacy Network


“I began my career simply with the hope of doing something in my father's memory, but have since met many individuals whose personal stories and courage have added to my passion and commitment. I hope to connect with companies with a mutual focus on lung cancer to see how we may partner together.” - David LeDuc, Executive Director, Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation


“This is an incredible opportunity to connect with stakeholders to learn more about potential collaborations, regulatory issues and the strength in bringing the patients voice early on in the process of therapy development to treat diseases. It would be wonderful to engage with other advocacy groups and other stakeholders that may see our vision and want to join forces in translating therapies for the Charcot-MarieTooth Community. In addition, we would hope that our experiences and successes could help others.” - Allison Moore, CEO, Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation


“The opportunity to learn what is working and not working in other areas and the opportunity to learn the needs of other diseases should provide an additional framework in which to operate. The more informed and trained an advocate can be the better chance of making a difference in someone's life.” - Stewart Perry, Secretary, National Diabetes Volunteer Leadership Council


Learning from other non-profits is essential to growing our mission and vision. The American Brain Coalition strives to constantly be aware of what other scientific non-profits are working on so we can align and collaborate.” - Katie Sale, Executive Director, American Brain Coalition


“The BIO Patient & Health Advocacy Summit is a very powerful intersection of pharma, biotech, and advocacy. The exchange of challenges, ideas, concerns, and opportunities at this BIO conferences is a very powerful force in refining the perspectives, thinking, and impacting future plans of those attending. The setting is modest in size allowing not just for superficial networking, rather there is time and space for in depth conversation and follow-up.” - Dean Suhr, President, MLD Foundation