Katie Sale

Osseo, Minnesota, United States
Katie Sale is the Executive Director of the American Brain Coalition (ABC), a non-profit organization comprised of some of the United States’ leading professional neurological, psychological, and psychiatric associations and patient organizations. The ABC seeks to advance the understanding of the functions of the brain, and to reduce the burden of brain disorders through education, public advocacy, and outreach.
Ms. Sale has been the American Brain Coalition Executive Director since shortly after the ABC was incorporated in 2004. She initiated its board procedure, bylaws, standard operating procedures, the ABC’s web site, media relations and marketing materials, and established the ABC board and committees. She has also secured the ABC membership, which has grown from five founding members to over 100 member organizations.
In her position as Executive Director, Ms. Sale provides executive leadership over the administration and manages its daily operations to ensure strong integration among all programs and advocacy activities. She provides broad guidance on operations and policy implementation. Ms. Sale participates with the board in planning and establishing program policies, objectives, and priorities as well as directing the development and implementation of the ABC’s strategic action plans. Ms. Sale services the needs of the ABC’s membership comprised of patients, families, neuroscientists, clinicians, industry, and government agencies.
Prior to joining the American Brain Coalition, Ms. Sale served as the Senior Director for Planning and Membership at the Society for Neuroscience. Ms. Sale was the lead staff liaison in the Society's first Strategic Planning effort by providing input, conducting research, and brainstorming ideas with Council and the Executive Director, as well as implementation of the Plan.
She coordinated the governance activities of the Society in accordance with the bylaws and Council procedures. Ms. Sale supervised the Membership Department and all functions related to the Society's individual and corporate members including marketing strategies related to growth and stability.
She supervised the Chapters & Special Programs Department and all functions related to the Society's chapters, corporate sponsorship, diversity programs and grants, international affairs, travel awards programs, as well as the Society's History and Women's Careers Committees. In addition, Ms. Sale also directly supervised the functions of the Executive Director's office including all matters related to Council, the Executive Committee, Past Presidents, Presidential lectures and awards, as well as the Society's annual election and bylaws.
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