Rebecca Glommen

Rebecca Glommen is a Clean Air and Lung Advocate for the American Lung Association, and a Registered Nurse. She shares her story to bring change for cleaner air, funds for research, and awareness that will lead to screening for lung cancer. Rebecca grew up in the Pacific Northwest and enjoyed a healthy, active lifestyle until age 49, when lung cancer robbed her of her entire left lung while she was finishing prerequisites to nursing school. Through tenacity and her faith, Rebecca managed to graduate college and go on to work as a traveling RN, spending most of her time on hospital units that cared for patients with heart and lung issues. Rebecca is a wife, mother and grandmother currently residing in a community on the Columbia River Gorge with her husband of 4 years. Her hobbies include making rag dolls, writing, reading and exploring the outdoors. She will finish her master’s degree in nursing this fall, and aspires to pass on her passion for life and learning to her students as a nursing instructor.
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