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Ingredients for a Healthier Tomorrow

Driven by consumer demand for natural ingredients, biotechnology innovators are sustainably producing natural ingredients enabled by cost-efficient biotechnologies via advanced fermentation and bioconversion technologies. This new way of producing ingredients or novel proteins is an emerging trend in flavors, food ingredients, fragrances, beauty or cosmetic products, and personal care products.

Since natural resources are limited, industrial biotechnology is taking center stage to produce these high value, low volume ingredients.  The commercialization of these specialty ingredients is driven by their high-impact health and wellness applications and are sourced cost-effectively for mass market specialty applications.   

Production of single cell proteins and animal cell cultured proteins into food ingredients

  • What are the food and flavor ingredients produced from these microbial protein technologies?
  • What are the barriers of entry in market acceptance for these novel proteins?
  • How should the animal cell culture protein technologies be regulated?

Cosmetics, beauty, and personal care products

  • What are the hottest new products in cosmetics, fragrances, and personal care?
  • Do products derived from industrial biotechnology have the same regulatory requirements as incumbent technologies?
  • How are retailers differentiating between biotechnology derived products and other sources?
  • Who are your downstream partners for your cosmetics or beauty products?