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The Alignment of Scince, Technology, and Need
Larry Walker and Paul Zorner

Plant Microbiome Innovation: M-trophs
Thomas Laurita and Janne Kerovuo

Field Trials Essential to Demystifying Microbial Products for Growers
Aaron Waltz

Quantifying Crop Rhizosphere Microbiome Ecology: The Next Frontier in Enhancing the Commercial Utility of Agricultural Microbes
Paul Zorner, Sean Farmer, and Ken Alibek

The Second Green Revolution Will Bring Agri-Tech Breakthroughs to Growers  
Donald R. Marvin

Patenting the Plant Microbiome
Peter Jackman and Miklos Gaszner

A Conversation with Pam Marrone
Pam Marrone

Interactions Between a Plant Probiotic and Nanoparticles on Plant Responses Related to Drought Tolerance
Astrid Jacobson, Stephanie Doxey, Matthew Potter, Joshua Adams, David Britt, Paul McManus, Joan McLean, and Anne Anderson

Industrially-Scalable Microencapsulation of Plant Beneficial Bacteria in Dry Cross-Linked Alginate Matrix
Scott A. Strobel, Kimberly Allen, Christopher Roberts, Desmond Jimenez, Herbert B. Scher, and Tina Jeoh

Non-Toxic Bioherbicides Obtained from Trichoderma koningiopsis Can Be Applied to the Control of Weeds in Agriculture Crops
Eduarda Roberta Bordin, Aline Frumi Camargo, Vanusa Rossetto, Thamarys Scapini, Tatiani Andressa Modkovski, Sabrina Weirich, Carine Carezia, Milena Barretta Franceschetti, Andressa Balem, Simone Maria Golunski, Leandro Galon, Cristiane Funghetto Fuzinatto, Francisco Wilson Reichert Junior, Gislaine Fongaro, Altemir Jose Mossi, and Helen Treichel

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