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Renewable Chemicals For a Sustainable Planet

Growth and expansion challenges associated with new business models have led to synergistic partnerships across the entire value chain for the production of biobased materials. Challenges and opportunities for commercializing new platforms for renewable chemicals and bioplastics sector will be discussed.

Renewable chemical companies that convert diverse feedstocks into building-blocks reaching commercial scale will showcase their sustainable production of raw materials and their applications. Leading companies will share their success stories, highlighting partnerships to accelerate growth and market development in a variety of applications, including coatings, performance bioplastics, household products, textiles, electronic and automotive components, footwear, packaging materials, and other end applications. 


Partnerships and Investment

  • ​What are the new renewable chemicals and bioplastics platforms and who is partnering in developing them?
  • Who are the leading investment firms in the development of the supply chain as the renewable chemical company works towards commercial-scale plant designs?

Sustainable Production and Use of Biobased Materials

  • What does it take to see substantial use of renewables in everyday consumer biobased products? 
  • Are novel biobased materials economically feasible relative to their counterparts?