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Sustainability and the Future of Food

Let’s talk about food. Our food. Our planet. Our health.

Envision a food system that is better for society and for the environment. The program for this track should present “Future of” themes, exploring the most exciting topics in food innovation and sustainable agricultural systems. The program looks to cultivate diverse perspectives and facilitate interactive discussions on the future of protein, retail, FoodTech, and food policy. Throughout, we seek to feature the transformative solutions and creative partnerships nourishing progress for food, health, and the environment.

We’re also featuring programming around food waste and sustainability, drawing attention to the people, products, and processes working to reduce food waste and improve sustainability in the food system.

The Future of Retail

  • Where are the trends pointing for online food retail and food delivery?
  • What tools will help food manufacturers and retailers solve food safety challenges?
  • How are retailers improving efficiency in their supply chains while increasing convenience, transparency, and affordability?

Future of FoodTech: Ag Meets Tech

  • How are scientific innovations like big data, robotics, and biology changing our food systems?
  • What problems are food manufacturers most concerned with solving? Where are the new investments being made? What are the biggest gaps?
  • What are the prospects for developing new, reliable insights from of on-farm data?

Economic Growth and Competitiveness: The Future of Food Policy

  • Are modern rules and policies shaping food system growth on the right track? What policies best enable solutions? What are the obstacles?
  • How are the disruptive players in the food industry shaping public perceptions of food, and what does that mean for policy debates?
  • What market-driven platforms have best helped the food industry navigate the challenges in meeting consumer demand in the last 10 years?

The Future of Protein

  • What are emerging and developed market trends for protein consumption?
  • What’s on the horizon for improving animal welfare in traditional production systems? How do meat producers solve antimicrobial resistance issues?
  • What makes meat meat?

Food Waste and Sustainability

  • Which segments of the food system offer the most promise for tackling the challenge of food waste?
  • What results have we seen from recent collaborations and what do those results imply for investors, nonprofits, food manufacturers and retailers, and other stakeholders working on this issue?
  • How can improving soil health help a food manufacturer?