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Table top exhibits are located in the Bayshore Ballroom Foyer. Connect with exhibitors during Networking Receptions, Continental Breakfasts, Networking Receptions or in between Sessions. For more information about exhibiting, click here or contact pacrim(at)

Ag-West Bio

Ag-West Bio represents Saskatchewan BioScience companies and organizations active in the research and commercialization of bio-based products and processes. Activities range from development of specialty crops for industrial applications, to biofuel, biochemical and biopesticide R&D and production. Learn more about Saskatchewan’s strengths in industrial biotechnology and bioprocessing by visiting the Ag-West Bio.


BIOTECanada is dedicated to the sustainable commercial development of biotechnology innovation in Canada. It is the national industry-funded association with over 250 members representing the broad spectrum of biotech constituents including emerging and established companies in the health, industrial, and agricultural sectors, as well as academic and research institutions and other related organizations.

BC Bioenergy Network

BC Bioenergy Network (BCBN) is a not-for-profit organization that acts as a catalyst for bioenergy development in British Columbia.  BCBN funds best–in–class pilot and full scale demonstration projects, capacity building initiatives, and mission-driven research and supports education and advocacy efforts with the goals of enhancing environmental benefits in the province, competitiveness, job creation and clean energy export capability.

Bioengineering, Inc.

BiOENGiNEERiNG manufactures the highest quality bioreactors, fermentors, and components (drives, mixers, valves, etc.) available for any applicable need or industry. Covering laboratory-scale to production-scale efforts, our bioreactors and fermentors work with any host organism, any cultivation process, and will help you achieve the most accurately consistent results to guarantee success.

BioWaste to Energy for Canada, An Integrative Initiative (BECiiCorp)

BioWaste-to-Energy for Canada, an Integrative Initiative (BECii) is a not-for-profit Clean Energy Center. Our goal is to advance Alberta in its reputation for delivering sustainable, bio-based energy in differentforms. BECii is focused on accelerating the time to market for renewable technologies through pilot advancement, technology integration, and commercial demonstration.

C5-6 Technologies, Inc.

C5•6 Technologies products enzymatically convert complex carbohydrates into 5 and 6 carbons sugars. BranBuster™ technology converts the cellulosic component of corn fiber, providing a 10% sugar and ethanol yield improvement in corn ethanol plants. BranBuster enzyme is compatible with cellulosic biofuels conversion technologies.

CRIBE - The Centre for Research and Innovation in the Bio-Economy

The Centre for Research and Innovation in the Bio-Economyis a provincial initiative to transform the forest products industry in Northern Ontario. We're an independent, not-for-profit research corporation, with $25 million in funding provided by the government of Ontario to turn research results and innovative business opportunities into operational realities.

Forest Concepts
Applying a deep understanding of plant biology, renewable resource production, and disciplined engineering we create transformational and paradigm-changing solutions. Deployment of our novel technologies will help reduce dependence on domestic and imported fossil fuels, improve the atmospheric carbon balance, and create sustainable jobs throughout the biomass production and supply industry

GRIP Glboal Resources for Industrial Projects

GRIPGlobal Resources for Industrial Projects offers bulk materials handling and process equipment and systems.  Our conveying systems transfer and elevate materials efficiently and cleanly.  GRIP storage hoppers, silos, domes and reclaim systems provide FIFO First In, First Out handling of materials.  GRIP process equipment includes tanks, dryers, coolers, screens, magnets, packaging and palletizing systems.

Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.

Industrial Biotechnology is the leading, peer-reviewed journal focused on biobased industrial and environmental products and processes. The Journal is the first and longest-running publication to report the science, business, and policy developments of the emerging global bioeconomy, including biobased production of energy and fuels, chemicals, materials, and consumer goods.


Novasep is specialist in solving purification challenges from process development to industrial installations and from laboratory equipment to turnkey plants.  Our unique know-how in purification technologies includes membrane filtration, chromatography, ion exchange, adsorption, electrodialysis, evaporation and crystallization. We use our proprietary computer modeling tools to speed up your process development and optimization.

GoNano Technologies

GoNano Technologiespartners with customers seeking transformational material solutions in pollution control, biocatalysis, catalysis, composites and sensory technologies. GoNano Technologies’ versatile silica Nanospring platform drives advancement in applications that require inverse porous, high surface area materials.
Balanced by a strong sense of social and environmental consciousness, GoNano Technologies values innovation and the improvement we bring to our customers, partners, employees and community.