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4/30/2012- 8:30am
Toward Commercialization of Lignocellulosic Biofuels: Supply of Pretreated Biomass and Development of Co-products
Markus Rarbach, Süd-Chemie AG
David Jones, MBI International
Geoff Bell, Microbiogen
Nhuan Nghiem, Eastern Regional Res. Ctr./ARS/USDA
4/30/2012- 10:30am
 Algal Biofuels: Advancements in Technology and Commercialization
JoshuaYuan, Texas A&M University
Chunzhao Liu, Institute of Process Engineering, CAS
4/30/2012- 2:30pm
Toward a Billion Tons: Biomass & Purpose Grown Energy Crops
Michael Cunningham, ArborGen
Alex Ablaev, Russian Biofuels Association
5/1/2012- 8:30am
Fuels and Chemicals from Residues and MSW
Grune Guerry, Duke University
Armindo Ribeiro Gaspar, Novozymes
Cesar Granda, Terrabon, Inc
5/1/2012- 2:30pm
Cost Effective Sugars for Fuels and Chemicals Production
Kef Kasdin, Proterro
Fred Moesler, Renmatix
Philippe Lavielle, HCL Cleantech, Inc
5/2/2012- 10:30am
Opportunities From Oilseed Crops
Sarah Hickingbottom, LMC International
Jack Grushcow, Linnaeus Plant Sciences Inc
Cameron Begley, CSIRO