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For companies headquartered in China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, or Thailand only.

For companies headquartered in the United States and Rest of the World, please click here.


Attendee Fees 
Registration Only

      Attendee Rates per Person (in JPY)
  Attendee Fee   120,000
  Additional Attendee Fee   75,000
  Discovery Attendee Fee1 (A code is required)   50,000
  Government/Academic Fee2 (A code is required)   50,000
  Translator3 (A code is required)   30,000



Attendee Fees 
Registration and Presentation4 (Approval required)

      Attendee Rates per Person (in JPY)
  Company Attendee & Company Presentation   195,000
  Discovery Attendee & Company Presentation   75,000


1Discovery Attendee–  A pricing level has been created for “pre-emerging” biotech companies wishing to participate in the BIO Asia International Conference.  Qualifying Discovery companies are early-stage companies that are first-time attendees of this event and use biotechnology for research and development of human health drug products or diagnostics. Discovery companies must have been founded after January 2011, and be raising venture capital. Companies interested in qualifying for the Discovery rate should contact Brian Pinkston.

2Government/Academic - Attendees affiliated with accredited academic or government institution. Attendees must show proof through business card or ID on-site. All registrations are subject to verification of credentials. A code is required. Please send an email to

3Translator - Registrants will have access only to breakfasts, luncheons and partnering meetings. The Translator Registrant fee, if applicable, is limited to one person per company. A code is required to register as a translator. Please send an email to

4Presenter- Presentation fees include the basic registration fee. Your presentation fee is not due until your application to present has been accepted. A presentation code is required. Please send an e-mail to Brian Pinkston to request a unique registration code.

Contact Business Development Registration 
Customer Service Hours: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm ET, Monday-Friday
Email: BD Registration
US & Canada Toll Free: (866) 356-5155
International:  +1 (202) 962-6666

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