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Below please find the list of last year's presenting companies. Presenters at the BIO China 2012 event currently include: Biocrea GmbH, Chengdu Sen Nuo Wei Biotechnology Co., Genetech, Genor BioPharma Co., GlaxoSmithkline, HitGen, MedGenesis Therapeutix, Pharmaessentia Corp., Roche, Sanofi Pasteur, and SciClone Pharmaceuticals. The full list of presenting companies of 2012 will be updated shortly.

2011 Presenting Companies

Company News
Abbott Abbott
ABT | News
ABSize ABSize Inc.
Private | News
Allinky Biopharma Allinky Biopharma
Private | News
Alteogen Inc Alteogen Inc.
Private | News
Apexigen Inc. Apexigen Inc.
Private | News
Astex Astex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
ASTX | News
Bayer Healthcare Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals
BAY | News
Biocrea GmbH Biocrea GmbH
Private | News
Biomiga Diagnostics Biomiga Diagnostics
Private | News
Debiopharm Debiopharm Group
Private | News
Egen, Inc. EGEN, Inc.
Private | News
Frontier Biosciences Frontier BioSciences, Inc.
Private | News
Genentech Genentech
RHHBY | News

Genor BioPharma Logo
Genor BioPharma Co., Ltd
Private | News

GSK | News

Gloria Pharamceuticals

Gloria Pharmaceuticals
SHE: 002437 | News
Golden Biotechnology Corp. Golden Biotechnology Corp.
Private | News
Humabs Humabs BioMed
Private | News
Impact Therapeutics IMPACT Therapeutics, Inc.
Private | News
Legacy Healthcare Legacy Healthcare
Private | News
Micron Inc. Micron Inc.
Private | News
Mycenax Biotech
Mycenax Biotech Inc.
TPO: 4726 | News
NB Health Laboratory Co. Ltd. NB Health  Laboratory Co. Ltd
Private | News



Neurodyn & Shanghai Innovative
Research Center of Traditional
Chinese Medicine
Private | News

Neurotech USA, Inc.
Private | News
Novo Nordisk Novo Nordisk
NN Cph DKK | News
Pfizer Pfizer
PFE | News
Phage Pharmaceuticals

Phage Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Private | News
Pharma Training Pharma Training Inc.
Private | News
Pharming Group

Pharming Group NV

PhytoHealth PhytoHealth Corporation
TPE: 4108 | News
ProCell Therapeutics ProCell Therapeutics, Inc.
Private | News
Roche Roche
RHHBY | News
sanofi pasteur
Sanofi Pasteur
SNY | News
Shenzhen Chipscreen Biosciences Shenzhen Chipscreen Biosciences Ltd.
Private | News
Thermostable Enzyme Laboratory Thermostable Enzyme Laboratory Co.,  Ltd.
Private | News
Transgenic TransGenic Inc.
Private | News
Upstream Infinity Upstream Infinity, Inc.
Private | News
WuXi Apptec WuXi AppTec
WX | News