BIO India Application to Present

The 3rd Annual BIO India International Conference features company presentations by biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Last year's conference attracted over 320 attendees representing 200 companies, from 15 countries around the world. The company presentations in particular were incredibly successful, averaging more than 30 attendees per presentation over the course of the conference. 

Selection Process

The aim of the BIO India International Conference is to bring together a select group of Indian Biotech companies and top US/European industry leaders to foster the development of important new medicines that will expand the industry’s pipeline. Companies interested in presenting must focus on biotechnology therapeutics, platform technologies and molecular diagnostics.  With this mission, companies exclusively offering services to the industry will not be considered.

Companies interested in presenting should complete the application below. You will be contacted in the coming weeks about the status of your application. Please note, there are registration and presentation fees involved with presenting at this event. 

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