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Business Focused Sessions

  • China Private Health Care Industry
  • Current wave of private hospitals, building from the ground up. Challenge in how to get patients and physicians. Pharma angle: how to partner with these hospitals? Private hospitals can only grow with the success of private health insurance. These two markets are dependent on one another to succeed. What’s the role of the private sector? How will it/can it evolve in the next couple of years? Deloitte/Monitor to provide 10 mins presentation upfront to show facts, figures and key trends.
  • New VC Models in China
  • Innovative drug development programs in China are growing rapidly, which--combined with the ongoing reform of CFDA towards better performance and faster time to market--theoretically shall turn the country into a new El Dorado for biotech venture capitalists and private equity investors. Reality is, however, quite far away from this idyllic picture: among other factors, under-performing local stock markets and relatively scarce trade sale opportunities result in many VC/PE facing only limited exit options. Shall investors simply adjust their expectations while waiting for the environment to mature, or are there China-specific investment/exit models to explore?
  • State of Capital Markets in China
  • For the unprepared investor, capital markets in China can easily challenge usual habits and expectations. Unique market sensitivity factors, among which non-convertible currency, collide to hinder market efficiency, especially in the biopharma sector where success stories are rarer than offers to go private (Simcere Pharmaceuticals undoubtedly being the most prominent recent example). This panel will explore the realm of the state of the capital markets in China through the prism of the biotech industry, assess the current and future attractiveness of local IPOs, and carry the debate towards a global perspective to provide both biotechs and investors with applicable insights.
  • Opportunities from EDL expansion  
  • Recently, China’s Ministry of Health released the widely anticipated expansion of the essential drug to list (EDL) to 520 drugs (from 307) to cover diseases such as cancers. With the market share of EDLS drugs continue to grow, opportunities exist for both western pharma and Chinese TCM companies. This panel will explore the expanded EDL list how companies can best leverage this opportunity.