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Building a Global Oncology Franchise: Inside Astellas Pharma's Acquisition of OSI Pharmaceuticals

Monday, January 24, 2011
9:00 - 10:25am
Tarragon Room

Establishing a global oncology franchise is an aspiration for many pharmaceutical companies.  Indeed, large acquisitions have reshaped the definition of the pharma landscape over the last five years and Japanese pharma companies have been some of the most active in the industry.  

Earlier this year, Astellas Pharma continued this trend with their purchase of OSI Pharmaceuticals.  The initial offer was not well received, but after months of negotiation by experienced dealmakers the final agreement was jointly accepted.

This session will explore the issues surrounding the Astellas-OSI deal and how they were resolved.  Was it more than just a strategic fit for Astellas?  What capabilities was Astellas looking for in a global oncology franchise?  Hear the inside story about how a hostile takeover become amicable on the international M&A scene.


Sourcing Innovation in Japan and Asia

Tuesday, January 25, 2011
9:15 - 10:25am
Tarragon Room

Future challenges to the biotech and pharmaceutical industries have been well documented.  As blockbusters come off patent and companies continue to look for the next generation of successful products, the need to actively source early-stage innovation to fill R&D pipelines is a priority for the industry.

The search for global innovation brings Japan and Asia to the top of the list.   World class Japanese, Korean, Indian and Chinese academic centers and universities are at the forefront of scientific discovery and are increasingly interested in developing novel life-science technologies and products.  However, sourcing and licensing innovation in Asia continues to be a major challenge and increasingly competitive.  What are the various strategies for sourcing innovation in Japan and Asia?  Is the technology in these regions sufficient to fill the industry wide innovation gap?  What is the role of international biotech and pharmaceutical companies in helping to develop the biotech industry in these regions?

This panel offers a look into the ways that innovation is being pursued by the very best in the industry.