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2015 World Congress Call for Posters has closed. 

The Business Partnering Reception with Poster Presentations is the perfect time to see new and innovative ideas in the field of industrial biotechnology. The Reception will take place July 21, 2015 from 4:00 - 5:30 pm. 

Poster Setup
The posters are 4 ft high x 8 ft wide (120 cm x 240 cm). Your display may be smaller than this, but it cannot exceed this size limit as you will interfere with your fellow presenters’ presentations. Oversized posters will not be accommodated. Please note that Poster Presenters are responsible for their own shipping and storage. BIO will provide push pins to mount the posters. 



2015 Poster Presentations

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Presenter Affiliation Poster Title

Algae, Biomass Supply and Specialty Crops

Fatima Hague University of Guelph Studying the effect of dilution, mixing ratio and light on production of high value microalgal astaxanthin in bio-ethanol waste stream.
Vance Owens South Dakota State University Estimating National Switchgrass Yield Potential: Results from the DOE-Sun Grant Regional Feedstock Partnership

Speciality Chemicals, Food and Nutritional Ingredients Posters 

Roman Agustin University of Alberta The Impact of Synchronization via Self-Cycling Fermentation on the Production of Shikimic Acid in Populations of Engineered Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Alexander Edah University of Jos Sustainable Deacidification of crude soybean oil by thermally activated Arrinrasho Nanoclay
Enej Kuscer ACIES BIO Whey2Value: valorising waste whey into high-value products
Bernhard Seifried Ceapro Inc. PGX – Technology : a platform technology for novel biopolymer applications
Sergey Yarotsky  State Research Institute of Genetics Microbiological Synthesis of Acacadesine
Christine Edwards Robert Godon University Bioactive Compounds from Cyanobacteria

Synthetic Biology and Genomics Research Posters

Guy Helin Syngulon Selection technology : from R&D tools via Pharma to bio-industry applications
Zhou Sheng South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences 1,3-Propanediol Fermentation by Marine Klebsiella pneumoniae
Archana Krishnan Institute of Chemical Technology Pseudomonas putida as a cell factory for hydrocarbon production

Research Presentations Posters

Daryoush Abedi Isfahan University of Medical Sciences Expression and binding evaluation of a single-chain Fv antibody fragment specific for HER2 receptor in cytplasm of Escherichia coli
Donatien Kabor CNRST/IRSAT/DTA
Inhibition of Bacillus cereus growth by bacteriocin producing Bacillus subtilis strains isolated from maari, a baobab seeds fermented condiment is substrate dependent.
Andres Merino Restrepo Universidad Nacional de Colombia  Biodegradation of the azo dye Basic Red 46 under solid state fermentation by the white rot fungi Pleurotus pulmonarius and quantification of its enzymatic activity
Ifeoma Nwafor   Central University of Technology A scientific review on the effectiveness of phyto-bioactive compounds in in vivo and in vitro eradication of zoonotic helminths from livestock
Onyeka Okolie  Central University of Technology  Anti-Cancer and phytochemical Screening of Asparagus africanus extracts
Peter Adewale McGill University Kinetic Study of Biodiesel Production by Ultrasound-assisted Enzymatic Transesterification of Waste Tallow
Francieli Colussi Federal University of Goiás Comparison Studies of a native and recombinant  thermostable Endoxylanase  from Humicola grisea with biotechnological potential
Jon Albert Obnamia University of Toronto Comparative Evaluation of LCA Models on Biofuels - A Case Study on Corn Stover Ethanol
Erica Bistratini UNESP Production of xylanase by the pathogen Rhizoctonia solani AG1 IA grown under solid state fermentation conditions using different carbon sources
Bukola Aremu North West University Construction of Specific Primers for Rapid Detection of South African Exportable Vegetable Macergens
Ayman Alfudhaili    Newcastle University An Absorptive Capacity Index to Monitor a Firm’s Innovation Potential: the case of marine biotechnology firms
Manel Ghribi University of Quebec at Trois-Rivieres Bacteria: Best enzyme factory readily available
Ximena Zottig University of Quebec at Trois-Rivieres Efficient enzymes for successful industrial applications
Mohamed Laila McGill University Decision Aid Model for biojet fuel supply chains
Aman Ullah University of Alberta Modified Bio–based sorbents for treatment of industrial wastewater

Technical Presentations Posters 

Ian McGregor Drystill Low Energy Distillation at Room Temperature
Simon Itsygin Czar Salt Sensors and Analyzers for Processes Monitoring in Industrial Biotechnology
Sabahudin Hrapovic National Research Council Canada Electron Microscopy and Scanning Probe Microscopy: Applications for Biotechnology
Thomas Hartsch Genedata AG Metagenomics Analysis and Optimization of Production Processes – Exploring the Unknown
Nadim Jessani Genedata Inc. Genedata SelectorTM Application Suite: From Single Genome Integration to Fully Optimized Strains and Lines within a Single Platform
Pedro Vidigal Research Development Foundation Fundep Participações S.A.: an entrepreneurship tool to help biotechnologies become new business opportunities inside ICT’s

Renewable Chemicals and Biobased Materials Posters

Ali Bahkali King Saud University Engineering surface-anchored enzymes for biofuel production in Escherichia coli
Marius Henkel University of Hohenheim Model-Based Optimization of the Biotechnological Production of Rhamnolipid Biosurfactants
Hossein Salehizadeh University of Toronto Fractured and unfractured carbonate cores flooding performance evaluation using Alcaligenes faecalis: effect of core permeability and core type
Monica Tassone Novozymes, Inc. Engineering the cofactor specificity of 3-hydroxypropionic acid dehydrogenases
Adebayo Shofolahan  Sefako Makgatho University Health Sciences Utilization of Raw and Activated Maize Tassel for the Removal of Nutrient and Heavy Metal Contaminants in Water
Jun Tsubota Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.  High volumetic  and selective production of (R)-3-hydroxybutyrate and Pyruvate by Halomonas sp. KM-1
Saleh Mohamed King Abdulaziz University Purification and characterization of asparaginase from Phaseolus vulgaris seeds
Pramod Wangikar Indian Institute of Technlogy Bombay Whole Cell Approach with Dual Expression of Enzymes for Asymmetric Synthesis
Alfred Chi Woon Leung National Research Council Canada Polysaccharide Nanocrystals: Synthesis and Applications
Ajay Dalai  University of Saskatchewan Preparation and Properties Evaluation of Biolubricants Derived from Canola oil and Canola Biodiesel
Chinmoy Baroi University of Saskatchewan Production of propylene glycol from glycerol through hydrogenolysis
Alma Zangeneh Biopolynet Designing of biopolymeric network ( patented BioNanoCoil) to stabilize sand/dunes
Michael George University of Alberta Enzymatically treated natural fibres for composite applications
Eric Déziel INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier Rhamnolipids, a multifunctional surfactant of microbial origin: challenges and solutions
Muhammad Safder University of Alberta Microwave-assisted rapid extraction of lipids from spent fowl for food packaging applications
Muhammad Zubir University of Alberta Protein derived bionanocomposites for food packaging
Janina Beuker  University of Hohenheim  Process optimization of rhamnolipid production by heterologeous production strains

Advanced Biofuels and Biorefinery Platforms Posters

Kyeong Keun Oh Dankook University Acetic acid-assisted hydrothermal fractionation followed by ammonia pretreatment for high enzymatic digestibility with low byproducts
Sunkyu Park North Carolina State University Production of low-cost sugar using mechanical refining of pretreated biomass
Connie Kang Novozymes North America Exploring enzyme diversity and synergy for corn fiber degradation
Amit Goyal Southern Research Institute Sulfur Resistant Catalyst for Upgrading of Coal and Biomass Derived Syngas
Santosh Gangwal Southern Research Institute Coal-Biomass to Liquids (Cbtl) Production Using Highly Selective Fisher-Tropsch Synthesis
Faiez Alani McMaster University Novel biosynthesis of single cell oil (SCO) for biodiesel production
Jawad Jeaidi Natural Resources Canada I-BIOREF: Biorefinery Systems Analysis Tool
Lew Christopher Lakehead University Downstream Processing of Hemicellulose-Rich Poplar Hydrolysate for Enhanced Bioethanol Production 
Silvio Silverio da Silva University of São Paulo Second generation ethanol production from sugarcane bagasse hemicellulosic hydrolysate with different concentrations of S. stipitis immobilized in calcium alginate gel

Growing Global Biobased Markets Posters 

James Hettenhaus CEA Inc. “Hockey Stick” Growth for 2G BioProducts A Route for Cellulosic Supply Chain Development