Speaker Testimonials

"Having someone from Men's Health Network speak at BIO is beneficial because we represent men, boys, and their families, giving them a voice in a larger arena. I feel this gives those listening a better understanding of how groups like ours can partner with biotech companies to better the health of all patients."
• Ana Fadich, Vice President, Men's Health Network on the BIO International Convention

"The BIO IPCC has been consistently the most relevant and productive industry IP meeting that I attend. The meeting is regularly attended by many of the leading in-house patent lawyers in biotechnology and Pharma.  The topics covered are always an interesting mix of new case law and important policy issues that in-house patent counsel need to consider in advising their companies."
• Jason Ferrone, Isis Pharmaceuticals on the BIO-IPCC meetings

“This is our third BIO [conference] and they get better and better. We are already looking forward to next year”
• Seth Ginsberg, President of the Global Healthy Living Foundation on speaking at the BIO International Convention

“The connections here are awesome, it’s the place to be... There is a buzz about the place. Everybody who is anybody in this sector is here, you got a connection whether it’s a service provider or Big pharma or biotech. It’s a great place to make new relationships and continue building existing relationships… [BIO] connects and provides support within the industry; we need that glue, that network, to keep us all together.”
• Dave Mead, Director, Business Development at Novozymes Biopharma on speaking at the BIO International Convention

"I attend the BIO-IPCC meetings regularly, and consider them a necessity for keeping up with developments in biotechnology law. Not only are sessions cutting-edge and highly informative, but the speakers themselves are always authoritative and often intimately involved in using and influencing the laws on which they present. Beyond the formal presentations, the BIO-IPCC organizers ensure that all attendees and presenters have ample enjoyable opportunities to socialize, and speak further, with their colleagues about the issues of mutual concern in biotechnology law and business. There is no other venue that offers better insights into biotechnology law, or a better chance to stay current with those who work with or make that law, than BIO-IPCC meetings. I look forward to every one."
• Andrew Torrance, MIT on the BIO-IPCC meetings


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